How to properly care for hair after keratin restoration?

Have you just performed keratin hair straightening? Congrats! We’re so glad that now you’ll see how amazing your hair can look! However, there is another important task which is making the perfect result last as long as possible! How can you do it and what are the rules of proper hair care after the procedure? Keep on reading and find all the answers in this article!
Use sulfate-free shampoo
Your regular shampoo may be of great quality, however, keratin-treated hair requires special care. After the keratin treatment use only special sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. These products will prevent keratin from washing off your hair. Besides, there are some brands of keratin treatment that have their line of shampoos and hair care products.
Don’t use many styling and care products
People with nasty unmanageable hair usually use lots of different products just to keep their hair nice and neat. However, after keratin hair treatment we recommend choosing only one product, as using lots of extra products makes the keratin effect weaker.
Timely repeat the procedure
After each 8-12 weeks you have to repeat the procedure for the result to last. Remember that the keratin hair treatment has a cumulative effect which means that each next procedure will last longer than the previous one!
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