How To Reverse Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Disorders?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, women's hair loss has become quite a common issue. Women face many stresses associated with work, children, family in general. However, these are some profound causes of hair loss that should be treated only by a specialist. One of these causes is thyroid gland disorder.The thyroid gland and hair loss are inextricably connected. This is because the hair follicle is particularly sensitive to the action of thyroid hormones. T3 and T4 regulate melanin production, affect hair growth, and limit the cell disruption of hair follicles. At the same time, thyroxine (T4) stimulates cell division and prolongs the hair growth phase. Therefore, thyroid disorders often lead to hair loss due to cell cycle disorders. One-third of patients with this endocrine disorder suffers from hair loss.Hair loss is caused not only by excessive thyroid function (hyperthyroidism) but also by insufficient secretion of hormones (hypothyroidism). Often, hair loss becomes the first and only symptom of thyroid dysfunction, and therefore a person may not be aware of the presence of an endocrine disease for a long time.Thyroid disorders should only be treated by a professional doctor, avoid self-medicating!
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