How to run a hairdressing business from home

Not all hairdressers have an opportunity to open their beauty salon. Some of them just want to keep their schedule flexible that’s why they prefer working from home. Sometimes it’s the best option both for a hairdresser and a client. What should you pay attention to when running a hairdressing business from home? We got all the answers!
First of all, find out all the legal aspects of working from home. You may need permission from your landlord or mortgage provider to turn the apartment or house you reside in into a commercial place. Besides, you will also have to receive a trading permit from your planning officer/council. There are some other things which you have to take care of, for example, business insurance, especially if you work with expensive tools and things, as home insurance won’t cover your business. You will also have to consider tax allowances.
Secondly, think about how you can turn your home into a business place. Think about the clients’ safety and comfort and the ways of their provision. Start by planning the space you would like to turn into your little home salon. You should have enough space for you to work around your client’s head without any problems. Besides, consider the furniture, parking lots for your clients, etc.
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