كيف تحفظ شعر عميلك أثناء Сovid19؟

COVID-19 outbreak literally forced us to stay home being self - quarantined and socially distanced. Many women across the globe worry about their salon beauty routine which now became unavailable. How can you, as a hairstylist, help your clients to keep their hair healthy and beautiful during these hard times? We have a few tips.


  1. Don’t lose touch with your clients. Write WhatsApp messages, answer the phone calls and make them yourself. Let the client understand that he is not alone. Believe us, when this is over, your helpfulness will be fully rewarded by the sincerest loyalty of your clients whom you didn’t give up alone.


  1. Consult your clients on products. Due to the fact that beauty shops are closed now, it can be harder than usual, but you still have online - shops, do you remember? If you have any clients with particular hair problems, help them to choose products that can be delivered straight to the client’s home.


  1. Stay positive. Don’t moan, show your concern or anxiety about the situation in the world. Try to be cheerful and helpful. Nowadays each of us needs to stay sober - minded and prudent. Talk to your client if you see that there is something wrong with him. Be kind and understanding, that’s very important.

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