How to Set Back-to-Work Boundaries

It’s no secret that pandemic has drastically changed the way people live anf work. If previously we knew for sure how our work process should be arranged, now we’re just puzzled and anxious when we head that it’s time to come back to office. How can you set back-to-work boundaries efficiently? Keep on reading and find it out!
If you’re going to return to the regular office part-time or full-time, don’t try to make this as fast as possible. It’s better to gradually consider the benefits of working from home while thinking about certain things you’ve missed about office life.
1. Think of what you learned during the pandemic. Consider technologies that made your home work mode efficient as well as discoveries that you’ve made. For example, you might have found out that you are more productive in the afternoons and would rather start and end work later in the day. Use this to be more productive in the office!
2. Choose flexibility. Home work mode is fine but don’t be afraid to ask your boss about something that you’ve always wanted to try. How about dressing more casually or working from home several days a week? Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for what you want, emphasize why it would be a good solution for both you and the organization.
3. Rearrange your boundaries to achieve the perfect balance. If you used to spend many extra work hours at work, reconsider this: make sure that you cover the six major elements of a balanced life: family, friends, work, spirituality, exercise, and education.
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