How to Successfully Market Your Salon for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most amorous day of the year! Of course, all ladies want to look their best on romantic dates with their gentlemen as well as to receive the nicest Valentine’s gifts. As a salon owner, you can help them and their boyfriends! Keep on reading and find out how to successfully market your salon for Valentine’s Day!
Choose a particular visual look. It can be anything: a nice Cupid, heart pattern, Cupid’s bow, for example. Keep this image throughout your Valentine campaign in order for your brand to be consistent both on social media and offline. Don’t forget to use relevant #hashtags on Instagram. However, don’t use the traditional #ValentinesDay hashtag as it’s quite often banned by Instagram (which is ridiculous, of course).
Arrange your retail zone, take pictures of it and post on your social media accounts, making a hint that in your salon there is a wide choice of different Valentine’s gifts.
Another great idea is a contest. Let it be Valentine’s picture contest. Ask couples to take the most romantic picture ever and send it to your e-mail or via direct message, tagging your salon on their accounts. Choose the best couple and give the winners a gift box with some of your products. Interaction on social media will increase your media awareness and help your salon to become even more popular!
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