I wish: how to set goals for 2023 properly?

Creating a beauty salon marketing plan necessarily involves setting goals: this is what we need a marketing plan for. 

Of course, everyone's goals are different (otherwise there wouldn’t be so many so different businesses in the same area). However, the main goal of any business is to make a profit.

Globally, any marketing goal is formed based on sales and profit goals. As you remember, there is a universal profit formula:

Profit = Number of referrals from potential customers x Conversion rate from those who applied to new customers x Average receipt x Frequency of visits x Margin

if you want to double the profit of your salon by 2 times, then it’s enough to increase each of the indicators by only 15%. When it comes to practice, there is a priority of working with indicators and it’s much easier to increase the conversion rate than the number of requests. Still the main thing is to work on each of these indicators separately in order to break down the overall task of increasing profits into separate controllable components.

As a result, we get the marketing goals divided into 5 indicators:

 - Goals to increase the number of requests

 - Goals to increase the conversion rate from those who applied to new customers

 - Goals to increase the average receipt

 - Goals to increase the frequency of visits

 - Goals to increase marginality (pricing, assortment, etc.)

These are the most basic indicators that it’s important for you to work on in order to achieve any marketing goal!

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