Keratin Treatment Vs. Relaxer: The Difference Explained

Keratin hair treatment is one of the most popular hair treatments in the world at the moment, however, some women still use hair relaxers and wonder what the differences between keratin hair treatment and hair relaxation are. In this article, we’ll reveal the truth, keep on reading!
Hair relaxation or molecular hair straightening is a unique procedure that allows you to forget about frizzy hair for a long time. With its help, your hair becomes straight and remains sleek for 3-6 months.
However, the procedure can only be performed if the condition of the hair is assessed by the hairstylist as normal. It’s also worth considering that hair relaxation with most relaxing substances is prohibited for:
- people who are prone to allergic reactions;
- pregnant and lactating women;
- people with a precancerous condition.
Keratin hair straightening is a much more modern procedure that has almost no contradictions. New keratin compositions are safe and formaldehyde-free which means that they can be used even by pregnant women and women prone to allergies!
You should try keratin if:
• your hair is fluffy
• your hair is rebellious
• after numerous dyeings and perms
• for hair that has lost its natural elasticity and shine
• porous hair
• you have dead hair ends
• heat-damaged hair
What do you get after the procedure?
• Hair restoration from roots to ends
• Hair that will be easy to comb even without using the mask or conditioner
• Smoothing and mirror shine
• Elimination of static electricity (especially relevant in winter, that is, now!)
• Thermal protection
• Moisturizing
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