Marketing business: how to stop losing and start retaining customers

Sometimes retaining the existing salon client is harder than getting a new one. At the same time, attracting new clients can be a difficult task too. How can you keep the clients interested and engaged? How can you satisfy their needs and use the newest beauty industry trends at the same time? Check out our article in order to find it out!
1. Improve customer service
Make sure that you interact with your customer before, during, and after the procedure. Make sure that the customer feels comfortable. Providing poor-quality services is strictly unacceptable! In many cases, customers are intolerable to the rudeness and negligence of salon workers.
2. Customize customer experience
Each customer wants to feel special and valued. He wants to know that your salon cares about him. Forget about generic emails! Use data that you have received from the customer during his previous salon visits, for example, his favorite products, procedures, or his hair issues. While offering any new product or procedure refer to things that you already know!
3. Reward loyalty
If you have loyal customers (we are sure you do), provide them with some special discounts. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend a beauty salon to their friends and relatives, thus increasing your popularity!