Moisturizing and nourishing: what’s the difference?

You already know that moisturizing and nourishing are two basic needs of the hair. Only if your locks are nourished and moisturized, they are luxurious, shiny, soft, and silky. However, hair moisturizing and nourishment shouldn’t replace each other! How can you understand what your locks need and how nourishing differs from moisturizing? You will find the answers in our article today!

 - dry hair ends and the overall feeling of dryness indicate a lack of moisture. Moisturized hair should be soft and slightly cool to the touch;

 - with a lack of nutrition, curls look dull and lifeless, they are tough and disobedient. 

Many haircare products offer a comprehensive solution that allows you to deal with two problems simultaneously. A nourishing conditioner will not only saturate the locks with trace elements but also moisturize them, making silky and smooth. However, only a comprehensive approach will help to fully cope with these problems. 

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