خطأ واحد كبير في تسويق الصالون يجب عليك تجنبه

Be sure to do your market research
Before getting involved in something, assure yourself of understanding the sphere completely. Most of us look at our chiefs and think, “I could do the same. It's as easy as winking.” It may seem so, but in fact, it’s not. There can be many obstacles you will have to overcome.

You are highly recommended to do your homework. Soak yourself in your market research before starting your own business. Research your prospective clients and business rivals, learn as much as possible about the local market. Do not refuse any help, you can find good adviser among other salon owners, friends or potential customers.

Feel free to ask them any questions even if you think they sound silly. It’ll be more stupid if your new business runs into a snag at the very beginning of its existence and falls into the ranks of loser companies. So keep asking details, listen carefully and only then get going.

Avoid marketing your salon
If you just started your business, it’s better for you to leave behind the idea of selling products and services. The only thing you should keep in your mind now is that you’re selling an experience.

Just think why clients will prefer your new salon if there are time-proven ones that provide the same procedures. I believe they won’t come to your salon. In order to attract clients, you are supposed to give them something special. To be predominant among your competitors, try to find your strong point, using which you can provide your clients with the best experience they have ever had.
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