Payment Hardware for Salons

Of course, you know about regular cash registers and credit card machines. We’re almost sure, that you use these types of payment hardware in your salon. However, is it always convenient for your client to go to the receptionist’s desk to make a payment after a time-consuming procedure such as keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment? Luckily, we live in advanced age, so in today’s article, we’ll tell you about self-service payment kiosks that can be very convenient for your clients!

An increasing number of service business owners are considering purchasing self-service payment kiosks. These devices can reduce overall costs, quickly and efficiently automate business processes, provide multifunctional services, and even include individual offers for each customer!

The user chooses to register using a mobile phone or logs into the existing account. After logging into the system, all available promotions, conditions for receiving free services, the functionality of activating promotional codes, etc. are shown to him. Who doesn’t want to get a discount on hair smoothing and straightening treatment, for example?

After choosing the required service and determining the price, considering the activated discounts, the kiosk suggests paying in cash or by card.

The self-service payment kiosk allows the client to use a personal account, check out all payments made, or order service for a specific time, for example, keratin complex treatment. The customer can receive a free service after a certain number of visits, which is very convenient.
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