Portrait of the target audience of the beauty salon

The target audience of a beauty salon is the basis of the beauty business, without knowing which it’s impossible to create a successful business. It may seem that the beauty sphere is universal, as any woman is interested in looking good, so it’s not necessary to make up a portrait of the target audience.
However, in reality, a general approach will lead to the fact that for some people your prices and services will be expensive, for others they won’t be luxurious and unique enough. Besides, there can be people who won’t even know about your salon. In this article, we’ll tell you how to determine the target audience of a beauty salon.
To segment your audience and make up a right portrait of it, you need to divide all customers into groups according to common characteristics. Consumers can be divided into groups according to the following criteria:
- socio-demographic (sex of the buyer, his age and marital status);
- geographic (his place of residence);
- psychographic (his beliefs and values, what are the reasons for the purchase);
- behavioral (how a product or service is chosen, what guides the choice).
Then, according to these criteria, you need to choose the most important ones that fall right on target. In order not to be mistaken, you can ask yourself leading questions:
- Is age really important in providing this service?
- Does it matter what the core values ​​of your customers are?
- Does the place of residence play a role for your service sector?
The answers to these questions will help you segment your customers.
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