Recording, customer service, internal processes

For many people, a beauty salon is a place to escape from the routine, relax, and literally revive. As the owner of the salon, first of all, you should think about how to improve the quality of the service, make the service attractive to the client and positively influence his impression of visiting the salon.
Your client should have an opportunity to make an appointment to your salon as simple and convenient as possible. Your website, social media accounts, app, and other channels should have a client service record. CRM-system is an irreplaceable assistant for you in this matter.
A great feature for you and your clients would be an appointment reminder. With the help of automatic push mailings, you can remind the client about his upcoming visit to the salon. This will require a minimum of actions from you and yet will be super effective - a notification will be sent to the client's account.
Some clients may feel uncomfortable and anxious when they first come to the salon. A nice welcoming greeting can improve the impression of the salon. It’s necessary to develop a script for communication and behavior of the receptionist when meeting guests, for example:
- Stand up and greet the client by name (from the online log, the receptionist already knows which client should come);
- Ask the client to take off outerwear;
- Specify the appointment time and, if the client arrived earlier, offer him to wait in the waiting area;
- Offer the client drinks;
- Help the client to find his master
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