Relaxation Playlist for your Salon

Do you pay attention to the music in your beauty salon? Super popular hits that we hear on the radio each day may be a little bit annoying, so we suggest you switch to some nice lounge music that will help your clients to fully relax and delve into the perfect atmosphere of your salon!
According to the SalonsDirect research, 72% of salon clients think that no music would make the atmosphere less welcoming while 61% say that salon staff is much more productive when music is playing.
Here are the following compositions for your salon that you can listen to on Spotify:
Meditation At the Beach 9:59 - Relaxing Music
Claire de Lune 3:30 - Claude Debussy, Relaxing Music
San Simeon 2:46 - Relaxing Music Underneath Palms 11:59 - Relaxing Music Hammock in the Sun 11:59 - Relaxing Music
The Path to Tranquility 13:52 - Relaxing Music
Moning At the Cottage 12:46 - Relaxing Music
Flower 6:32 - Relaxing Music
Yoga 9:32 - Relaxing Music
Cat Whisper 3:04 - Cat Whisper
Sleeping Music, Feline Compilation 3:54 - Cat Whisper
Lullaby for Dogs and Cats 2:19 - Cat Whisper
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