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Have you heard of “cold” clients? These are the new clients that you have to attract to your salon. They are called like that because they are unfamiliar with your salon yet. Nevertheless, attracting “cold” clients is very important. Show them that your services are great and turn them into “warm” clients.

Limited Time Offer (LOT) is a perfect chance for you to show the potential “warm” clients all the benefits of your salon. You can’t sell them expensive services without gaining their trust so you should start at a low absolute cost so that it doesn’t take much for them to try what you offer. Try the following:

a) A salon opening offer: Make the clients feel that now you have a limited time opportunity because you have just opened and need to create your client base. This could be a “25% on relaxing massage during the salon opening month”.

b) A local community offer: A “district week” offer make the people who live close to your salon feel like premium clients because it is done exclusively just for them. It would be great if you connect it to some happening in your district.

c) An event offer: You can connect your offer to any seasonal event – Ester, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. What’s more, use “credentials” - things like “certified” or “top” to show your quality.

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