Sales of cosmetics in a beauty salon: instructions

Retail sale of different products in a beauty salon is quite a common phenomenon. However, don’t think that to start selling something, you’ll only need to buy cosmetics, and then put it on display. Of course, there are some important aspects, which we’ll reveal in this article, keep on reading! 

 1. First, you need to choose and purchase cosmetics. If you’re an operating salon, then you put up for sale those brands that you work with. However, don’t forget that each brand has professional bottles with large volumes and lines for home use (smaller volume, not such a strong concentration of substances). Such “home care” line are suitable for sales.

 2. If you’re just opening your salon, then you first need to decide on the class of your salon (check out the previous article), and then choose suitable cosmetics. Simply put, if you have an economy-class salon, then you should choose from inexpensive brands, and if you have a VIP-level salon, then choose cosmetics from luxury brands.

 3. After you have decided on the brands, you need to choose the exact products for sale in a beauty salon. It will be perfect if you sell a full product line. However, only those salons who have enough money can afford it. Small salons can sell only certain products from the lines, for example, those that are in demand among customers.

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