Salon business. Process audit

At a certain stage of the salon's existence, the salon owner starts to think what he should do next. In order to answer this question, it’s worth looking at your business from the outside. It’s necessary to identify the problems and bottlenecks that prevent the salon from developing successfully, if there is such a problem. There is a certain algorithm for this process that allows to give a comprehensive assessment of the current business situation. It calls an audit. 

An audit is an assessment of the current state of a beauty salon's business. It includes positioning and concept, finance, personnel, marketing, sales and other aspects of the salon's activities. It’s this multifaceted analysis that makes it possible to identify the real state of affairs in the salon. According to the obtained data, you can make two conclusions about the further salon development - either to close the salon or to optimize it by working with bottlenecks in its activities.

The result of the audit is a 3-month plan for the development and increase in the profit of the beauty salon. Usually, there are several stages of a salon audit:

1. Initial collection and analysis of information about the salon

2. Analysis of the interior work of the salon

3. Analysis of statistical data of the salon

4. Analysis of the received data, summing up and preparation of the presentation

5. Analysis of audit results and preparation of a salon development plan

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