Social Media Competition Ideas for Your Business

Social media are perfect platforms for building community for your salon. Besides, it’s a perfect opportunity to show the amazing skills of your staff. However, what about competitions that will help you to promote your business even more? Keep on reading and find out all details in this article!
Remember that competitions that include tagging friends and relatives increase people's awareness of your salon! If you provide amazing botox hair treatment or keratin hair treatment, for example, let people know about it! Engage them in a competition where a Brazilian keratin treatment will be a prize. Besides, make people inquisitive to visit your salon even if they didn’t win by giving them nice prizes such as keratin shampoo and conditioner, for example!
If you provide your winner an amazing procedure that will repair his heat-damaged hair and revive dead hair ends, he will likely not just recommend your salon to his friends and relatives but tag your salon in his Instagram post or stories! Just imagine how many people will see your salon and the positive review of your winner!
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