Strategy and tactics of sales in the salon

Business is all about selling — both products and services. In today’s article, we’d like to talk about a  that worries all business owners and managers: how to sell more and create a sales team from existing employees. Don’t miss out this article!

The first thing you should do is to convey to employees the idea that the income of the salon including their salary is made up of the number of appointments and payments from clients. This means that the team must feel responsible for generating income.

To do this, you should follow a clear strategy:

 1) Receptionists and specialists of the clinic or salon sell services. This is an axiom, because income is made up of sales and visits to your salon.

If you don’t use this principle, then you will first have to work out the objections of your own employees and convince them that offering complex and additional services while communicating with clients is absolutely fine. Of course, you need to sell only those procedures that will cover the needs of customers and solve their problems.

 2) Set sales plans for each employee:

 - plans on revenue and re-visiting of patients for stylists;

 - plans for the number of entries, sales of certificates, upsells for receptionists.

 This is a normal practice, because this is how employees influence income and earn more.

 3) Regularly train employees to sell and provide superior service. Build a corporate learning system and follow it. Set achievable goals, otherwise the staff won’t feel satisfied and lose motivation. Let employees believe in themselves, train and inspire them.

 4) Track the implementation of plans through work in the CRM system and through the introduction of a system of statistics (graphs) and individual indicators.

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