What is required for good hair health?

Did you hear the hair health starts from the inside? Thus, if you have bad habits and don’t keep a healthy diet, such life regime may become a cause of hair breakage! What are the essentials that make up super healthy natural hair? Keep on reading and find it out!
First of all, think about your lifestyle in general. Do you take walks often? Do you exercise at least twice a week? If no, then you should reconsider the way you live.
Do you live in constant stress? Do you have bad habits? Do you have a lack of sleep? If yes, then these issues can lead to hormonal disorders which will reflect on your hair state. In this case, neither keratin hair treatment, nor botox hair treatment will save you!
Beauty starts from the inside. That’s why we suggest you reconsider your diet if it’s not healthy enough. Add more protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). You can also visit a doctor in order for him to help you choose the proper vitamin complex. Nowadays there are special complexes for women, restoring skin, nails, and hair. You have plenty to choose from, as the vitamin market has a great range of products today. Remember the most important vitamins for hair: A, E, C, D, B5, and B6.
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