Summertime haircare: everything you need to know

We’ve been waiting for summer 2021 for so long considering pandemic that seemed to be almost ever-lasting! We are so excited about this summer, what about you? Even if at the moment we can’t just buy tickets, get on a plane and fly somewhere to the sea, we are still ready to have some fun! However, is your hair ready? Do you know how to protect it from heat and sun rays? If you don’t have answers to all these questions, carefully read this article!

In summer we recommend using hair botox products or perform hair botox  treatment at home. We recommend you choosing keratin complex treatment or Brazilian hair treatment. Brasil Cacau is an innovative keratin treatment chosen by millions of women! The composition restores and strengthens hair, increasing its shine and elasticity. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles.

However, it’s already the middle of the summer and now we are glad to offer you different ways of using Brasil Cacau in summer. Among them are:

 - Using Brasil Cacau before your vacation, so you can protect your hair from extreme heat, sun rays, salty water. You can have fun without worrying about your hair!

 - Using Brasil Cacau after your vacation, so you can restore and revive your natural hair, the moisture it and give it a mirror shine.

 - Using Brasil Cacau right on your vacation! We bet you didn’t expect us to offer such a thing!