متخصص نسيج في صناعة التجميل

If you are aimed at developing a completely new look for your customers, think about becoming a service texture specialist. Hair always has a natural look, wave pattern or movement. However, a lot of customers often prefer to change these hair aspects. When you specialize in chemical texture services, you can give the necessary look to your customers by just adding or removing curl in various degrees. Or you probably wish to get engaged in product development and research. Irrespective of the area you will choose, stay assured that these areas are an integral part of the cosmetologist’s profession.

Why is Brasil Cacau keratin treatment more effective than other treatments?

The keratin treatment is suitable for both sexes. Even men can use it and experiment with different styles. 

Relaxers are serious chemicals which change hair texture and break the chemical bonds in it. At the same time, Keratin softens your hair and makes it manageable without touching the hair cortex.

In addition, the keratin treatment cuts the time of styling and blow drying down. In order to blow your dry hair, you do not need to spend hours.

What is more, keratin is effective in reducing hair frizziness and removing chemicals from it as well as in the hair moisture. After using keratin treatment, your hair will never look dull anymore.

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