The best shampoos for dyed hair

Shampoos for dyed hair differ from ordinary ones. Special shampoos usually contain less aggressive substances. Besides, many of them are enriched with useful components and UV protection. Hair dyeing often damages hair, so the shampoo should be mild. 

Dyed hair shampoos should not only restore the brightness of the hair color but also have a healing and restorative effect: moisturize and nourish, smooth the hair cuticles, restore elasticity, natural shine, and vitality to damaged and dry hair, as well as to soothe the scalp.

The best professional shampoos for dyed hair:

Ollin Professional Bionika Shampoo

This shampoo delicately restoring the color of dyed hair. It’s recommended for gentle cleansing, long-term preservation of color depth, and making hair silky. Active ingredients: Arlasilk TM PLN amino acid complex (hair and skin conditioning, UV protection, hair structure restoration) and hydrolyzed keratin (helps to retain moisture, increases hair volume, makes combing easier, protects against dandruff).

Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed

Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Antioxidant Shampoo is recommended for long-lasting color depth, anti-fading, smoothness, and shine. The shampoo contains silicones (thanks to which the hair becomes soft and manageable), tea extract (antioxidant, helps to restore hair), panthenol

Besides, if you want your hair color to last longer, don’t forget to use keratin hair straightening or botox hair straightening for your natural hair to avoid dull hair and dead hair ends!

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