The best sulfate-free shampoos for beautiful hair

Sulfate-free shampoos are becoming megapopular, and this is not just another fashion trend. These products are truly effective and safe even for people prone to allergies. They don’t contain sulfates – sulfuric acid salts. Manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals have been using these additives in almost all products since the beginning of the last century.
The negative effects of sulfates on hair are as follows:
- Irritation, peeling;
- Allergic reactions;
- Dryness, weakening of the cuticle, keratin fibers;
- Increased static electricity;
- Increased formation of dandruff;
- Dead hair ends;
- Washing out hair dye.
Below we listed the best sulfate-free shampoos that will make your hair silky!
Delicate Color shampoo, L'Oréal. It's the shampoo that will help your rich color last longer after dying. Taurine will protect the lipid layer of each thin hair, and the action of panthenol will give your curls additional strength and elasticity.
Aqua Otium shampoo, Estel. This product contains amino acids, niacin, proteins, lactose. Thanks to these components, the hair is intensely moisturized without weighing down, it becomes soft and strong at the same time.
Biolage Keratindose, Matrix. This shampoo contains silk proteins that strengthen each thin hair. Biolage literally fills the cuticle with useful ingredients, lacking in moisture, making your hair nourished. This shampoo restores hair structure after any chemical treatments, so no more damaged bleached hair!
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