The Most Common Hair Dyeing Mistakes

Not all women dye their hair in the salon, some prefer to do it themselves at home. There’s nothing wrong with it: if everything is done carefully and consistently, home hair dyeing is even recommendable. Under quarantine conditions, the topic of home hair dyeing is more relevant than ever, so we decided to tell you about the 5 most common mistakes in hair dyeing, which can be done by you. Keep on reading!
Mistake #1: CHOICE OF COLOR 
According to the expert, when choosing a hair color, you shouldn’t solely rely on the color indicated on the package, as you have to take into account the history of past hair dyeings you had and the current hair color. At home, it is easier to make your hair darker, but much more difficult to make it lighter. If you want to become significantly lighter, then the first step for you is bleaching. In this case, the main thing is to carefully read the instructions.
Should you wash your hair before hair dyeing? Some girls don’t wash their hair for a week, while others, on the contrary, apply hair dye to their freshly washed hair, which is fundamentally wrong. Sebum is very important for safe hair dyeing. It’s produced on the skin and protects it from the chemicals of hair dyes. Therefore, you shouldn’t wash your hair on the day when you are going to dye it.
Mistake #3: ALLERGY TEST
Be sure to test yourself for any allergic reaction before dyeing your hair. Don’t blindly rely on the good experience of your friends and never ignore this simple procedure! Otherwise, you can get skin irritation and inflammation, which is very dangerous. You can test the dye on the inner bend of the elbow: apply a little amount of hair dye on the skin for 45 minutes, then observe it for two days.
Women often buy 1 pack of hair dye, and in the process of dyeing, they realize that it is suddenly not enough. Therefore, they begin to randomly distribute the remains of the mixture along the entire length. The result is uneven hair color, there are often horrible stains along the entire hair length. Don’t do that!
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