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Here is what you need to know about hair dyes. 

If you first decided to dye your hair yourself, first of all, remember 5 “no”:

1 Do not dye your hair after perming. A minimum of two weeks should pass between these procedures.

2 Do not do keratin straightening right after dying your hair

3 Do not dye your hair if there are abrasions or other injuries on the scalp.

4 Do not add oils, balms and other products to the chemical dyes even if you want to. The result can be pretty unpredictable.

5 Do not use the same dye several times. Even on the next day, even if you kept it in the refrigerator.

How to correctly choose a hair dye

There are three types of hair dyes: natural, physical and chemical. Natural dyes are henna and basma. They do not harm the hair, but rather nourish it. However, their range of shades isn’t that wide.

Physical dyes are dyes with a chemical pigment but without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The coloring pigment envelops your hair but does not penetrate into it. Because of this, the color washes off pretty fast.

Chemical paints are frequently used for home dyeing. In the package, you will find a tube with coloring paste and an oxidizing agent. These hair dyes are pretty harmful but the color stays bright for long.

If this is your first time using hair dye, especially the chemical one, do a sensitivity test. Take a drop of dye and an oxidizing agent, mix and apply on the wrist or inside of the elbow. If the skin does not turn red in 10-15 minutes, you can safely dye your hair.

Carefully read the instructions: how to mix and how much time to keep the dye on your hair. The final result depends on these nuances, remember it!

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