Tips for Keeping a Sanitary and Clean Salon

The beauty salon must be perfectly clean, not just “clean enough” but impeccably clean. Don’t forget that clients pay much attention to the cleanliness of your salon right from the moment they enter it. The cleaning lady must work a full day and clean up the beauty spaces continuously. Make sure that she’s diligent enough, considering all areas of your salon that must be cleaned (even those that you didn’t know existed!).
Wet cleaning of salon areas should be performed at least 2 times a day (the 2nd time after the end of the beauty salon workday). We recommend choosing hypoallergenic cleaning agents.
As a salon owner, you should:
- know yourself what exactly must be cleaned and when should it be done;
- control the work of the cleaning lady
As an example, chrome-plated furniture legs often become dirty. As the salon floor is cleaned regularly, the legs turn black, because no one cleans them and doesn’t see the problem, however, the client notices such small things and immediately acquires the negative initial impression of your salon!
What's important:
- no dust on all horizontal surfaces
- no hair residues at hairstylists’ workplaces
- clean hairdressing tools (scissors, combs, brushes)
- perfectly clean mirrors in the salon (there are many of them, so all should be cleaned regularly)
- no used towels
- clean sinks for washing hair
- clean floors
- clean furniture legs
- no dust inside the showcase with products for sale
- working lamps (main lighting and backlighting)
- cleanliness on manicure tables
- clean working tools of the manicure master
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