Tips when Choosing a Salon Name

We’ve been speaking about all peculiarities of the hair business for several ages now. However, it seems to us that we’ve never touched upon a salon name which is very important because the salon name reflects the whole salon concept. Keep on reading this article and find out what you should consider while choosing a salon name!
The name of the beauty salon is much more than just a word. The client should remember the name of your salon in order to come back again, find it at home on the Internet, or recommend it to friends. The name of a beauty salon that generates income should be short, easy to remember, and understandable. It should express a strong emotion, be an assessment or description of the business and its specifics. When developing a name, think about how easy it is to read and pronounce it.
First of all, you should queue up your thoughts, make up a brief, and then start coming up with the name of the beauty salon. On the Internet, you can easily find an example of the brief. If you are a small business, then you shouldn’t use a very complex brief, it’s better to prefer a simple one that will outline the boundaries of your search and set it in the right direction. You will likely find a good name yourself all of a sudden, but still, it doesn't hurt to check its correctness with the help of a brief. So here's an example of a search brief for finding the name of a beauty salon:
- A short description of a product or enterprise, that is, what we call it.
- Positioning your salon, brand. What impression its name evokes in an ordinary client - desirable and undesirable associations.
- Audience - to whom you will offer services. Gender, age, income, a social group of your future clients. A brief review of the target audience.
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