To be or not to be: hair lamination

Transforming your hair in a blink of an eye — isn't this the dream of every lady? Hair lamination promises to make this dream come true. However, is this procedure suitable for everyone? Let's find it out in today's article!

Hair lamination is the application of a special composition to the hair, which envelops each thin hair and creates a film on its surface. Hair lamination makes the hair smooth and nourished. Unlike keratin, hair lamination doesn’t change the internal structure of the hair shaft. So if you want to achieve absolute smoothness of your hair, lamination isn’t what you need.



From an aesthetic point of view, lamination is a perfect haircare procedure.  Among the effects are:

 - hair density, smoothness, shine;

 - easy combing and tangle-free effect;

 - hydration and elasticity;

 - protection from external negative factors;

 - anti-frizz effect.



 - isn't suitable for weak locks: the composition makes the lock more dense and heavy, making it more difficult for the hair follicle to hold it;

 - affects the hair only mechanically, doesn’t restore the cortex and cuticle scales;

 - deprives hair of root volume;

 - there is alcohol in some compositions, which dries the hair;

 - the effect lasts only up to 6 weeks.

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