أهم 3 نصائح تقدم خدمة عملاء عالية الجودة لصناعة التجميل

1. Keep smiling
According to Co-Founder of The Trusted Beauty Guide, Natasha Gordon meeting a customer with a smile can have an enormous effect. Smiling at a client, especially if they are new to your salon and industry in general, makes them feel relaxed, welcomed and comfortable. If a ‘passing by’ customer is greeted by a long face, he or she is unlikely to stay, and those who have booked for the first time are unlikely to return to you. So if you want to have a lot of satisfied clients, be smiling.

2. Talk to your clients
In beauty salons, specialists are providing their customer with personal procedures. So it’s extremely important that you communicate and understand exactly what your clients need. It doesn’t matter what service it is, manicure or a haircut, ask a client to show you a picture of what they would like to have so that you can do your best to get the desired results.

3. Make you salon shine
A toilet, treatment areas, as well as tools, instruments and glasses that you serve customers shall be sparkly clean. If you want your clients to come back to you, they should be sure that your beauty salon is spotless and your staff follows the rules of hygiene.
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