Top Pain Points for Small Businesses

You want to open a beauty salon and it seems to you that it’s simple: you just need to rent good premises and hire professional hairstylists there. Maybe you have already opened it - and have already realized that everything is not at all as simple as it seemed at first. Let's take a look at seven pain points of the small beauty business: what are these problems and how to deal with them so that your company grows and develops, not vice versa!
1. Concept
The concept is the backbone of the business. It’s important to decide what you want to create, how you imagine your salon, and what is special about it. An original idea has a bonus: it can help with marketing and promotion. For example, if you specialize in keratin treatment for curly hair and hair botox, make them your signature procedures!
2. Personnel
It’s important not only to find a good employee but also to keep him. The employee must be motivated to work with you - this will help to build a healthy corporate culture and human attitude. Structure and organization are important, but without a human relationship, workers won’t be productive. For example, if your hairstylists don’t have enough rest, this will have a bad effect not only on them but also on the business: a tired, sluggish hairstylist won’t leave the best impression on clients.
3. Marketing
The sign, name, and location play a huge role, and their choice must be taken seriously. However, still, the two main goals of marketing are attracting new customers and returning/retaining old ones. Discounts, promotions, good specialists, and high quality will help you in the first case, and phone calls, gifts, and the same discounts and promotions – in the second.
For a good result, it’s worth using from three to five marketing tools every day: phone calls, flyers, promotions, social networks (for example, you can start your salon’s Instagram account). Run promotions with a supplier, have customer and brand day once a month.
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