Ways to Say 'No' to a Client Without Hurting Your Business

Each beauty professional somehow faces the situation when they need to say “no” to a client. There can be different reasons for it, however, how can you do it without damaging your business and receiving a ton of negative feedbacks about your salon on the internet? Check out this article and find out a little yet useful guide!

 1. If you just can’t do what your client wants: either you have no time or don’t have the required skills or knowledge

Explain the situation as it is, be polite and sincere. Recommend another stylist who can do what a client wanted you to do — don’t leave a person one on one with your refusal.

 2. If the client acts inadequately or even dangerously

Tell him that all the masters are busy at the moment, so nobody can provide him any service. Call the police in extreme cases.

 3. If it’s the client who is always dissatisfied with the result and rudely criticizes you and your professionals. Don’t argue with them, just pretend that you admit that you’re not good enough and recommend them another salon. Just take it easy and politely.

 4. If the client wants to receive a special discount. Ask them to substantiate such a request. Explain that your pricing policy is same for everyone, thus, you can’t provide a service at a discount.

 5. If the client wants to receive a haircut/hairstyle that won’t suit him. Well, the client is always right. All you can do is show them how bad they will look with the help of a phone application, or suggest an alternative option.

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