What do you need to purchase for your new hair salon?

A hair salon is a place where clients come for beauty treatments and where they want to relax. Therefore, it is good when the interior contributes to relaxation, and special furniture is convenient both for the master and the client.
Among the wide variety of specialized equipment, several things should necessarily be in your hair salon. The following set is what you should buy before opening your salon:
- Hairdressing chair. The main feature of a chair for a hairdressing salon is the ability to adjust its height. Each client has an individual height, therefore, the height of the chair in different cases is chosen individually.
- Salon sink. It’s a deep sink located on the pedestal. A flexible hose with a shower head is connected to such a device, which helps the stylist to thoroughly wash the client's hair;
- Mirror. It’s of the most important things for a hairdressing salon. At the time of creating a haircut or hairstyle, the client wants to see himself. Besides, the mirror helps the stylist to choose the right shape of the haircut and observe the process of work from different angles. Mirrors should be quite large in diameter;
- The master's chair. The main feature of it is the absence of a back. This chair is designed for the stylists who do their work while sitting. Many stylists got used to cutting their clients' hair while standing, but this chair makes the work much easier, as it can be adjusted in height;
- Trolley is a special mini-table on wheels, on which there are different items and tools needed for haircuts and hairstyles: hairdryers, curlers, hair straighteners, styling products, etc.
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