What Is Hair pH and Why Is It Important For My Hair?

Don’t be afraid to read this article if you don’t have a degree in chemistry: you won’t need it, trust us! However, having a basic knowledge of what hair pH is and why is it important won’t be way too overwhelming for you, thus, keep on reading this article!
What is pH?
The acid-base balance of your hair is very important since our body is more than 70% water and hundreds of different chemical reactions occur in it. pH 7 is considered chemically neutral, it’s the normal pH level in nature. However, a different pH level is needed for the human’s hair and scalp. Haircare products with a pH 3.5 - 5.5 are considered hair-friendly. A neutral indicator for human hair and scalp is pH 4.5-5.5.
PH changes
When the pH level drops below 6.0, the cuticle layers shrink and tighten, resulting in hair shine and smoothness. This property is used in different hair conditioners and masks that are applied to all hair length. If the hair is colored in red or copper shades, it’s better to use special conditioners for colored hair, since the right pH level alone isn’t enough to maintain the vivid color.
When the pH level becomes more alkaline (above 7.0), the cuticle layers swell and open literally like the husks of a pine cone. This is an important reaction for the coloring process, which promotes the penetration of the hair dye pigment into the hair structure. However, if the pH becomes overly alkaline, it can damage the hair, making it porous, dry, and brittle.
Pay attention to the pH level of your hair especially during hair dyeing. This can help you to prevent the appearance of dead hair ends and damaged hair.
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