What is keratin hair restoration?

Keratin hair restoration is one of the most (if not the most) popular hair treatments in the world. Millions of ladies trust this hair respiration technique and receive the amazing results! However, what stands behind keratin treatment, how does it work? Check it out in this article! 

Keratin hair straightening is a temporary change in the structure of the hair caused by special formulas with a high content of protein fibers of keratin. As a rule, keratin for hair straightening is of synthetic origin.

The work principle of artificial keratin is rather simple: particles of it penetrate deep into each thin hair, filling all the voids and damaged areas in it. After the procedure, your locks are fully restored, they get a healthy shine, become silky and incredibly strong. Keratin film effectively protects your hair from the negative effects of external factors. 

Among the many advantages of keratin hair straightening, the most important is its ability to make hair smooth without affecting it with poisonous chemical compounds. Besides, the procedure is suitable for any hair type as keratin straightens and restores both long, short, curly, thick and coarse hair.

You can see yourself how the Brazilian keratin works magic! Try Brasil Cacau is a professional line of products for hair straightening and restoration. Brasil Cacau hair straightening is the most innovative and effective procedure in the sphere of hair restoration. The composition restores and strengthens hair by increasing its strength and elasticity!

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