ما الذي يجب الانتباه إليه عند عودة العملاء؟

Let’s face the truth: being loyal to one beauty salon in the XXI century is almost impossible: each beauty salon has its own exclusive offers and procedures to try, so sometimes clients can’t resist temptation and leave your salon, changing it to another one. Don’t worry, that absolutely fine and luckily can be fixed. How? We will tell you in this article, keep on reading!


 - Small gifts. It’s not like you’re trying to literally “buy” your client and his loyalty. Look at the gifts from a different angle! It’s a sign of care and recognition that the beauty salon shows to its clients. Choose things that will suit every client: it can be either a hand cream, a hairbrush, a particular hair accessory, elegant and laconic. You have plenty to choose from!


 - Promotions and special offers. How about a discount for your new clients? A birthday week discount? A discount for students or senior citizens? Trust us, these tricks are still working pretty effectively. You may also try a special friend promo: if your client brings a friend to your salon, he gets a certain discount on his favorite procedure.


Don’t be afraid to try something new in order to get back your clients. All beauty salons do it one way or another. This is what is called business!


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