Why do the masters leave the salons and how to prevent this

Staff turnover in the beauty industry is one of the biggest problems for owners and managers of beauty and hair salons. Stylists often leave beauty salons while looking for more comfortable working conditions. Why does it happen? Keep on reading and find it out in this article! 

In salons with high income, there is often super high competition between stylists, and not everyone can withstand this for a long time. In the case of salons with low income, the stylists leave because of the low salary, although they may like the work itself and the relationships in the team.

Besides, a fairly common reason for staff turnover in the beauty industry is the lack of participation of the business owner in the team life. Often, business management is shifted to a director or administrator without special managerial training.

To ensure that your stylist doesn’t have even a single thought on leaving your salon, follow these tips:

  1. Create good work conditions. Owners of successful salons are sure that for the comfortable work of employees it’s important to maintain a favorable atmosphere within the team.

  2. Organize the development and training of employees. The stylist should be interested in his development no less than the owner of the studio. Therefore, the prospect of continuous professional growth can be one of the reasons to stay working for you.

  3. Motivate employee success financially. Any other words needed?  

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