Wolf haircut is the trendiest haircut of this season

The Wolf haircut is the embodiment of boldness and rebelliousness. The name of the hairstyle implies that this haircut will suit any girl who wants to stand out from the crowd. The technology of this haircut is pretty simple. The length of the hair gradually increases from the crown area down to the neck area. The lower the hair is, the longer it should be.  

Features of the hairstyle

The Wolf haircut is often associated with self-confident and purposeful girls. This hairstyle first appeared in the late 80s, when Rock’n’Roll and freedom of rebellion were the hottest lifestyle trends that youngsters loved. The Wolf haircut helped many girls of that times to emphasize their bold looks. This hairstyle was perfect for the lifestyle of the rockers and didn’t require much care. 

Why was this hairstyle named like that? The shape of this hairstyle somehow resembles the head of a wolf. This hairstyle is also associated with a furious animal that is ready to attack its prey or enemy. Such associations with an animal are not accidental. This is because the wolf with bristling hair was a symbol of rockers which was printed on their leather jackets.

The main advantage of such a haircut is the voluminous strands in the crown area. This haircut is perfect for thin hair. Stylists recommend combining the hairstyle with bangs that will balance and soften the whole look. 

Of course, if you want your hair to look shiny and neat, perform keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment before or after the haircut!

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