Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

What vitamins are needed to improve the condition of the hair?

Vitamin A. It strengthens the roots, improves hair growth, prevents hair loss and, like a fat-soluble vitamin, it can easily be “stored in reserve.” Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet sources of vitamin A and provitamin A, like spinach, broccoli, carrots and bell peppers.

Vitamins of group B are necessary in order that hair grows well, is brilliant, and does not grow thin. Very often, premature alopecia is provoked by a perennial vitamin B deficiency. The most important B vitamins for hair are thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), panthenol (B5), pyridoxine (B6), inositol (B8), folic acid (B9), and cyanocobalamin (B12). Look for them, first of all, in cabbages of all kinds and in nuts! Also, as a useful source of B vitamins, pay attention to potatoes, carrots, and legumes, especially peas.

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