Eco-friendly beauty salon: a new trend

Eco-friendly beauty salons are gaining widespread popularity in USA. They use environmentally friendly products, biodegradable towels instead of cotton ones, wash client’s hair with shampoo only once, save water with special nozzles, and minimize electricity consumption. How can it be both beneficial for you and attractive for clients? Let’s find everything out in this article! 


In today’s world more and more people become aware of nature and its problems. Salon owners appreciate those who choose the cruelty-free way of life, offering such people new approaches to beauty. Customers feel that they are doing something useful for the environment even if they just have their haircut done. They tell their friends that they visit environmentally friendly salon, encouraging them to join “green” beauty approach.


Thanks to these above-mentioned measures, an ordinary beauty salon designed for serving 4 clients at once will be able to save more than 10 thousand dollars a year! Beauty industry now has lots of solutions (check the first paragraph) to make your salon eco-friendly and profitable at the same time!

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