How to launch Instagram for your salon

Nowadays you can do without the landline phone and email answering, but an Instagram profile is a must for any self-respecting beauty business owner.

The well - known salons don’t run their social networks themselves, they hand it over to the professionals. You’d better hire a designer who will develop a concept, especially for your Instagram profile. The specialist in the sphere of SMM will cope with this the best.

A collaboration with a famous person is one of the best forms of PR. In fact, it’s a collaboration between a brand and a famous person in the industry. A celebrity is the best choice, as your target audience will listen to him or her.

Have you ever heard of the Salon Instagram Takeover?

Nowadays it’s a very popular trend. A beauty salon gives the Instagram account to the celebrity for a certain period of time. This method has some very important advantages that will help you in promoting your business:

  - your salon gets access to the influencer’s audience, which means that you can attract new customers;

  - creation of new content from the celebrity. Trust us, they know how to do it;

  - a great PR opportunity.

Before this campaign, you have to decide what exactly your celebrity expert will post during the takeover. Give him or her a better understanding of what should he or she do. Be creative!

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