How to refine the guest experience in your salon

To make sure your salon meets customers’ expectations, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do customers see?
Imagine you are a customer, enter your salon and pay attention to surroundings. What may your guests notice first? Is it something beautiful or encouraging? Or is it just a manager talking on the phone?

2. What can they touch?
Make sure your customers will have a pleasant tactile experience using soap and towels in a bathroom or drinking a cup of coffee waiting for their turn.

3. What do they hear?
What kind of sounds may customers hear in your salon? It might be a receptionist talking on the phone, a hair dryer or pleasant music. What would you prefer?

4. What does the salon make them feel?
What atmosphere would you like to create in your salon? Should a guest feel like he or she is a part of something new and modern? What if they feel they are a burden because of a rude receptionist?

Thus, try to look at your salon with fresh eyes, it will help you improve your services.
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