Myths you shouldn't believe about keratin treatments

MYTH 1: A Keratin Treatment consists of harmful chemical formaldehyde
It’s true that there is formaldehyde in some keratin treatments. If you breathe in high concentrations of it, it may cause some harm to your health. So before getting the procedure, ask your hairstylist what kind of treatment they use. Today most salons prefer formaldehyde-free ones like Brasil Cacau. If your master uses it, you shouldn’t be worried.

MYTH 2: A Keratin Treatment is dangerous for hair

Being a protein Keratin is very important for hair condition. When your locks lack the protein they become weak and dull. So applying a Keratin treatment to your hair can’t cause any damage to your hair, on the contrary, it will improve its state.

MYTH 3: Short-lasting effect

Generally, the result lasts minimum of 3 months. Those who say that the effect disappears in a few weeks must have ignored the recommendations on hair care. After the procedure, you are supposed to use shampoo and conditioner that consist of Keratin. Plus, you should not wash your hair during the first two days after the treatment. Following the tips will make the results last as long as possible.

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