What are other names for Thermal Reconditioning

Ever been curious why Brazilian keratin hair treatment is called so? What did they do in Brazil that such association emerged?

Keratin hair treatment procedures might be used everywhere in the world, but it was exactly in Brazil that the idea was introduced in the first place and other countries caught up later. 

Brazil is usually associated with innovative cosmetic procedures, for example the world famous epilation procedure, Brazilian wax.

Brazilian keratin hair treatment works great for all hair types (which makes it extremely popular amongst most women) but it’s particularly effective for strongly curled hair. That’s why it’s especially popular among African women who have coarse and tightly curled hair.

Brazilian hair treatment enriches hair with an additional amount of keratin (which is a natural protein in human hair). By applying a flat iron, the stylist secures the straightening effect.

Brazilian hair treatment removes frizz and makes the hair perfectly straight, shiny and vibrant. Its effects can last for as long as three months. The procedure may be quite pricey, still, it’s extremely popular both in Brazil and the rest of the world.

Other names for Thermal Reconditioning

Brazilian Blowout, Thermal Reconstruction, Keratin Treatment, Smoothing Treatment, Hair Straightening Treatment etc.

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