What Causes Hair Static And 3 Ways to Fight It

What is the nastiest fall hair problem? Hair dryness? Brittleness? Of course, all these issues are quite acute every fall but what about hair static? We consider this to be the nastiest fall and winter problem out of all! Seeing your hair literally flying on its own is so annoying. Quite often brushing your hair isn’t enough in order to tame it if it’s static. What can you do in order to avoid such a problem? Check out this article! 

THE CORRECT HAIRBRUSH. The plastic brush gets a negative charge on contact with hair, while hair gets the opposite charge. You know the result of it. Replace plastic brushes with silicone, carbon fiber, wooden, or ebonite brushes with natural bristles (boar bristles are the best), or choose plastic options with an antistatic coating. Choose the brush with a medium or a small number of bristles. 

THERMAL WATER. Water will help quickly remove static electricity from your hair.  Going to a cafe or cinema, you can quickly go to the ladies' room, take off your hat, and lightly spray your hair with plain tap water or you can just put a bottle of thermal water in your bag, thus it will always be with you.

DRYER SHEETS. Have a pack of dryer sheets with you. These are anti-static clothes for drying clothes in the washing machine. They are often fragranced, but in this case, it is better to choose the fragrance-free option. Such sheets quickly help when you take off your hat and see a super fluffy flying hair in the mirror. It is enough just to run the sheet through the hair.