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The Brazilian method of Keratin treatment was first introduced to the wide audience in 2006. Since that time, it has achieved enormous popularity among people of more than 45 nations.  

Brasil Cacau Keratin

has an exclusive formula as well as unconventional application techniques. It also provides unbelievable softening and lightening effects compared to other blowout and straightening treatments. 

Brasil Cacau was the first brand that introduced Brazilian smoothing treatment. Apply Brasil Cacau products for kinky hair to revitalize it and to achieve unbelievably soft hair with sensational natural radiance. The Brasil Cacau Treatment was designed to nurture and revitalize damaged and exhausted hair that lacks important nutrient. The main reasons why the hair gets depleted of vital nutrients are the following: bad ecology, damage from heat or contact with chemicals, natural deterioration. Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment has already gained a global popularity due to the fact that it revitalizes the hair in a natural way, without causing any damage to its molecular structure. Certain climate condition, as well as our dynamic lifestyle, have turned this treatment into the integral part of every salon's services. 


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Our customers love Brasil Cacau which is proven by the fact that we perform more than 10 hair treatment procedures on a daily basis.

Keratin treatment is our main specialization; we are so grateful to BrKeratin!

There are plenty of poor-quality keratins in the United States, so I was really happy when my friend told me about Brasil Cacau. It is incredible!