Guidelines for Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment: How to properly apply Keratin and perform a BKT Hair Straightening Treatment.


Required equipment:

Professional hair dryer

Straightening iron

Blonde / damaged hair: temperature should not exceed 200°C (or 390° F)

Normal / resistant hair: temperature should not exceed 230° C (or 450° F)

Hair Clips

Silicon Gloves

Small-toothed comb

Small brush

Plastic bowl

Stage 1: Preparation Work


Damaged and frizzy hair.

1. Apply the Anti-Residue Shampoo on the hair and massage it until the formation of thick foam. Let it sink for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly. In case of virgin and resistant hair, the additional washing could be required.

2. Dry the hair using hair dryer and hands, but not completely – it should be at least 20% wet.


3. Divide the hair into 6 equal parts and fix each part with a hair clip.

Step 2: Application of the Product/Drying

4. Take the entire section of hair and hold it firmly close to the back of the head. Apply the hair product at the hair roots with brief but confident strokes of the brush. Do the same on all four sides of the hair section. Divide the section in two and apply the hair product on its top and bottom. Take the small-toothed comb and comb through the entire length of each section. Check to see that each section is evenly covered with the product. Make sure to apply the moderate amount of the product in order not to over-saturate it.

5. Perform the same procedure on the next section, starting from the back of the head, while keeping in mind that it is necessary to split the section in half and put the product on the top as well as on the bottom of the hair.

6. Take the hairdryer and dry both sections with cold air flow. Do not brush the hair. It is important to dry only two sections at once in order make this procedure comfortable for the client and for the hairdresser. This unique method allows lowering the amount of smoke and fumes, which are released during the drying process, to a minimum.

7. Perform steps 4-5-6 on both central sections.

8. Perform steps 4-5-6 on both frontal sections. Direct the flow of the air from the dryer backward and away from customer's eyes and face.

Stage 3: Straightening

9. Hair Straightener. Temperature requirements:

Blonde / damaged hair: temperature should not exceed 200°C (or 390° F)

Normal / resistant hair: temperature should not exceed 230° C (or 450° F)

Perform all steps described above: split the entire volume of hair into six equal sections and fix each section at the back of the head with a hair clip.

10. Take a thin lock of hair and straighten it from the base to the middle of the shaft: 10 straightening moves at 200°C (or 390° F) and 6 moves at 230° C (or 450° F).

11. To make the hair tips look vital and healthy, make only 6 straightening moves for blond/damaged hair with the iron at 200°C (or 390° F) and 3 moves for normal/resistant hair at 230° C (or 450° F).

12. Perform the same procedure with other hair sections until you achieve the smooth and straight hair along its entire length. Always work with small and linear locks of hair. Remember to hold the straightening iron at the straight angle, transversely to the head. This way you will be able to make the hair straight throughout its entire length, from the roots to the tips.

Stage 4: Finalization

13. Rinse the hair with warm water.

14. Apply the Deep Conditioning Mask and distribute it evenly through the hair. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Rinse the hair.

15. Dry the hair with the blow dryer and complete the process with the appropriate brush and straightening iron.

If you do everything correctly, your client will have a magnificently straight and shiny hair, free of any frizz.