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Only a specific person can be a beauty professional and kick-ass hair. It now extremely hard to hold leading positions in the beauty market since the industry rapidly grows. Using appropriate tools, trends and technologies can either help you make a business or break it. Keeping up is often different getting left behind and staying in the game.

The main requirements for any company are the same. To be prosperous, you need tools, skills, and the right attitude. However, the keys to success in hair & beauty industry drastically change every year.  

This industry is now more competitive and complex. It is a good idea to learn what you should be aware of for 2018.  Here is what was said…

The popular Hair Cuts & Styles in 2018

The Classic Blowout

Put the styling wand down and grade a few hot rollers.

Chic and Sleek

Put in the flat iron right now since straight bone hair will go nowhere in 2018.


The answer to the popular question whether it is necessary to get bangs in 2018 is of course positive.

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Provided you have yet to hear this information million times, we will tell this again to you. Consultations are the most important keys which let you make your customers happy and arrange successful appointments. Irrespective of the age of your customer and whether he is new or regular, it is vitally necessary to communicate with him and learn what she looks for and how you will get there. There are 10 most popular questions which should be asked to every customer regardless of his age:

Which type of job do you fulfill?

Are you engaged in many socializing tasks?  

Would be so kind to say some words about your morning rituals?

How big is your experience with styling your hair?

Do you apply styling products or tools?     

What features of your hair do you like?

What have you happened to do with hair that you liked?

What have you happened to do with your hair that you disliked?

What goals do you wish to attain with your hair?

Is it prior for you to maintain your hair length?

Ask yourself what restrictions you face up within the process of cutting hair as a stylist.

Carefully listen to your customer’s words. Repeat them and make sure you understood everything.

It includes learning who your gest is along with his needs and wishes. This is your chance to get information about features, facial shape, lifestyle and hair texture. Let us not include your customer’s age into the consultation. It is necessary to concentrate on learning what your guest is really worried about.  

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Thoroughly wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo. It is advisable to do this twice, for sure to get rid of the residual elements of styling products.
Dry hair with a hair dryer until slightly moist. Carefully comb the hair and distribute them to approximately the same strands in thickness. Secure each lock with a clip so that they do not get mixed up and do not interfere with the procedure.

Apply to each strand, in turn, a keratin remedy, carefully and evenly distributing it through the hair. Here the main thing is to observe the measure - an insufficient amount of keratin will not be able to saturate the head of hair with nutrients entirely, and its excess will make hair too greasy and untidy.

Wait 20-30 minutes, until the keratin mask is absorbed into the hair and again dried with a hairdryer, while setting the lowest temperature. Thin strands of hair alternately straighten the iron, setting at the same temperature 450˚ F However, dyed blondes can heat the rectifier and up to 400˚ F, because the discolored hair peroxide is extremely vulnerable. Do ironing on each strand should be at least 5-7 times. Gently comb the hair.

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If you are aimed at developing a completely new look for your customers, think about becoming a service texture specialist. Hair always has a natural look, wave pattern or movement. However, a lot of customers often prefer to change these hair aspects. When you specialize in chemical texture services, you can give the necessary look to your customers by just adding or removing curl in various degrees. Or you probably wish to get engaged in product development and research. Irrespective of the area you will choose, stay assured that these areas are an integral part of the cosmetologist’s profession.

Why is Brasil Cacau keratin treatment more effective than other treatments?

The keratin treatment is suitable for both sexes. Even men can use it and experiment with different styles. 

Relaxers are serious chemicals which change hair texture and break the chemical bonds in it. At the same time, Keratin softens your hair and makes it manageable without touching the hair cortex.

In addition, the keratin treatment cuts the time of styling and blow drying down. In order to blow your dry hair, you do not need to spend hours.

What is more, keratin is effective in reducing hair frizziness and removing chemicals from it as well as in the hair moisture. After using keratin treatment, your hair will never look dull anymore.

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The Brasil Cacau hair straightening is the 3 step innovation procedure for the entire restoration and reconstruction of the hair. The cosmetics are based on natural components. It does not contain formaldehyde and parabens. The procedure is absolutely safe and suitable for any hair type. 

Curly, coarse, unruly and porous hair spoiled by the regular coloring and perming can be treated with Brasil Cacau. The treatment is suitable for too curly hair as well. 

After the procedure, the hair is healthy, irreproachably straight, ideally smooth, silken and unbelievably bright for the period of from there to six months. 

The forecasted effect for any hair, the simple technology of using the procedure and safe expense are peculiar to the treatment. It does not require exposure on the hair. 

We offer you a few wholesale options which will let you save money. The delivery of products is accomplished in 75 countries all over the world. The cost of the delivery is calculated automatically depending on the country and order weight.

Choose option Buy more and save to get better prices.

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