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In order to find a stylist specializing in Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment you can use search engines. It is advisable to consult more than one specialist before you make a decision of which salon to visit.

When consulting a hair professional it is desirable to prepare a few questions in advance.

First of all, it is necessary to learn why the stylist recommends keratin treatment of why he advises you to use it if he practices several treatment types.

Then you need to learn whether the treatment is formaldehyde-free. If not, a proper ventilation ought to be in the salon.

After this, learn what treatment results will be and whether hair will be made completely straight. It is also necessary to ask whether you will have a chance to curl your hair after the therapy when you wish to style it in that way. Also learn about the duration of the therapy effect and whether the roots will be noticeable when they grow. 

If you have an unusual hair which requires special car, ask the expert whether he has experience of working with your hair in particular.

Ask as many questions as you have and don’t be shy.

It is also necessary to take into account that if you live far from a big city, the stylists in your surrounding area may not vast experience of applying keratin treatment. Even if they are not experienced enough, you will manage to gauge confidence in them if they really appreciate keratin treatment products and wish to apply them

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brasil cacau, brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, smoothing treatment, thermal reconstruction -

Before the keratin treatment

Dye your hair better before the application (2 days before), or after the application in 2 weeks.

A haircut is recommended to be done on the same day as the procedure, or five days after the application.

Hair care after the application

Wash your hair only with special non-sulfate shampoo

To prolong the effect, you should use special hair masks and balm rinse

Do not use cosmetic products with aggressive ingredients.

It is not recommended to dye your hair for two weeks after keratin straightening.

Avoid salt water and swimming pools.

Keratin straightening: effect and result

Smooth, straight and shiny hair

No frizz

Hair looks beautiful

Protection from external environmental influences

The duration of the effect varies from 3 to 4 months

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brasil cacau, brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, smoothing treatment, straight, thermal reconstruction -

The price of keratin hair straightening may differ depending on the country, city and interior level. However, in any case, the cost of this procedure will depend on the length of the client's hair and the amount of keratin. The price of Brazilian straightening in the salons varies from $ 300 to $ 450.

Compare the prices of keratin hair straightening can be correct only taking into account the qualifications of stylists and the quality of used keratin. Remember, these factors are of great importance for the ultimate aesthetic result, the durability and safety of the use of keratin.

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brasil cacau, keratin treatment, smoothing treatment, thermal reconstruction -

It is important to know which shampoo to use after keratin straightening. To wash your hair, it is possible the only shampoo which does not contain a sulfate and sodium chloride. Also, scalp massage should be done effortlessly without much effort. You can dye your hair no sooner than 10-12 days after the keratin rectification procedure.

Cosmetic products for styling should be free of sodium sulfate since this particular component destroys keratin.

Haircare after keratin alignment should be carried out in compliance with the rules. With proper care, the result of the procedure will last 3-4 months. For a long-lasting effect, you need to know how to care for your hair after the keratin rectification procedure.

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brasil cacau, brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, smoothing treatment, straight, thermal reconstruction -

Among the components, not only keratin, but also some active ingredients for moisturizing and densifying the hair. They also prevent the appearance of fluffiness. The composition covers the cuticle of the hair and also affects the follicles - special pouches that protect the hair bulb under the skin.

The most expensive component in the composition is keratin. In cheap, low-quality hair straightening products, the amount of keratin is not more than 5-10%. In quality professional products, like Brasil Cacau, at least 40%.

The composition for hair straightening Brasil Cacau includes components that help make hair smooth and shiny. Straightening agent does not damage the hair structure - keratin straightening is absolutely harmless. Curls straighten for a long time - a miracle the composition lasts up to 6 months.

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