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Most people wonder why a keratin treatment lasts so long. The reason is based on how it is done. A hair stylist will use heat in order to connect natural keratin with that one in your hair. After this, they will use a flat iron which will make your hair long and straight. The results will last for a long time. Keratin doesn’t wash out in a few days. Your hair will look perfect more than a month. Sometimes a keratin treatment lasts 4 months. As for products, the amount that should be used also depends on hair:

1) Shampoo 

Consumption: 15-20 ml

2) Treatment 


Short hair (shoulder-length): 30-40 ml

Medium length hair (shoulder blade length): 50-60 ml

Long hair (waist length and longer): 80-90 ml

3) Mask 

Consumption: 20-30 ml.

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Are you dreaming of luxurious, shiny, soft, straight hair? We have good news for you. Your dreams can come true if you get Brazilian keratin treatment. Now it’s one of the best and most popular ways to get attractive hair. Most women who got the treatment claim they felt like the center of attention everywhere.

The procedure not only made their hair look shiny but built confidence. So if you are ready to change not only your style but the whole life, Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is the first step to do it.

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A keratin treatment is not like getting a short-term hairstyle. The results will last for weeks, sometimes for months, depending on your hair structure and your care. If you want your hair shine longer, follow your stylist’s instructions.

It’s not necessary to wait several days after getting a keratin treatment. You can wash your hair even on the same day, using SLS-free shampoo.

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Keratin is a treatment that can temporarily smooth your hair by means of application of a special formula. It applied to clean, wet hair and is activated with a flat iron.

The formula covers the hair surface with keratin protein, making your hair look shiny, strong, soft and beautiful. As it was mentioned, it’s a permanent salon service, so your dry, damaged hair can become smooth for about 2-4 months until the formula is gradually washed out.

It should be also noted that this salon service has a cumulative effect, that is, the more often the keratin treatment is used, the stronger the hair becomes.

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Increase the Size of Your Transactions

In fact, increasing transaction size means trying to make customers buy more during their visits. For example, when clients want to have their hair cut, you can advise them to buy a certain shampoo. You may also recommend a conditioner and some other products. Try to find interesting and creative ways to sell extra services and goods. If your customers are always discussing that hot pink lipstick you love to rock, think of setting out a mason jar of lipsticks. Don’t forget, the more of these “extras” your guests buy, the more they are spending during a usual visit — and the more income you’re getting.

Bonuses for Loyal Customers

If you want your customers to purchase more, organize a reward system, provide them with various discounts, sales, extra services. Make your loyal customers understand how much they mean to you. It will definitely maximize your income and customer flow.

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