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Smooth and Straight

One of the most outstanding trends of the year has become pin-straight and smoothed hair, like Nicole Kidman's at the Oscars. Tucking hair behind ears allows opening the actress’ face and collarbone.

Sleek Ponytails

You can look perfect even if you overslept, do a low ponytail like Zendaya at Kids' Choice Awards by smoothing the top half and then pulling it back. 

Slicked Back

Perfect Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle at 2018 Met Gala looks complete due to gold lashes and a nude lipstick.

Flipped Up

Celebrities do like short hair and they choose amazing hairstyles for it. For example, at the Dog Days premiere, Vanessa Hudgens rocked slightly upturned ends. It is possible to copy this look using a round comb and hairdryer.

Banana Buns

Banana buns are still popular; especially it can be noticed on Pinterest. In our opinion, this romantic hairstyle is not going to leave us at least till the end of wedding season. It’s not only beautiful but very easy to do. You should just twist and pin up your hair and the elegant look is ready.

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If your aim is to add $25 to your workers’ profit, explain to your team that the $25 shouldn’t come from one client. This sum can be reached by a few dollars from different recourses.

Besides, it can’t be $25 every day. For example, during peaceful days when they have some breaks between clients, it’s much easier to add an extra $50 by selling some additional services than to do this on the wild weekends. But the week average should be the same.

Here are some ideas on how to increase your profit:

Up-sell a hair treatment during the backwash.

Turn an express manicure into a premium one.

Persuade a client to add some highlights to their usual shade.

Convince a client to brow not only her lashes but eyebrows.

Up-sell a bond builder treatment during coloring.

Persuade a client to have a cut-throat shave when he has his haircut

Convince your client to wax not only his back but chest.

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One of the benefits of Brasil Cacau is that it uses a keratin system which allows penetrating the cuticle better, filling the hair shafts with smoothing actives while removing external residue and polluting agents. Brasil Cacau saves a lot of time making your hair smooth and manageable for minimum 4 months.

The procedure takes about 2-3 hours. Besides, Brasil Cacau does not require waiting time so you will be able to enjoy the freedom of 4 months of sleek, shiny hair right away! So you can go to the gym and sweat, swim or do a ponytail as soon as you leave the salon.

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Have you ever heard about the Brazilian Blowout also known as thermal hair straightening or keratin straightening? If you often straighten your hair, you might have. As this method has recently become very popular, especially among people will frizz and curly locks who are dreaming about straight smooth hair. The effect of the treatment is long-lasting. You will be satisfied with the results till you decided to trim your hair.

The first step of the Brazilian Blowout is washing hair. A shampoo will clean your hair properly and it will be ready for the next stage, in which a stylist applies a straightening solution to your wet hair and then dry it. Later the hairdresser will take a flatiron in order to make the hair straight, then he or she will rinse it and put some conditioner for a few minutes.

At the end of the procedure, the stylist will cover your hair with a styling serum after which your hair will be blown dry. When the process is finished, you can enjoy looking at your shining straight hair.

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Today most people look for beauty salons on the Internet and of course, they read online reviews.

So encouraging your customers to leave their feedback plays a key role in your business success. So what should you do?

1. Less resistance: Don’t make yourself work hard and feel uncomfortable in order to get reviews from all your customers. Instead of this ask your most loyal visitors to help you by posting a positive message about your salon in the social media.

2. Give this task to someone else: there are some review sites that help you address customers.

3. Provide your grateful customers with a prize. Thank those who leave positive feedback online by providing them with a complimentary service or their favorite product. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.

4. Don’t be timid and show reviews. You can print out some reviews that you like most and display them in your salon. It’s also recommended to post such reviews on your website of social media.

5. Be fast: For example, if your customer writes a favorable review on Facebook, or texts you with a compliment, thank him/her and ask if they’d mind sharing it on Google, Yelp or any online user review platform.

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