BRASIL CACAU is a leading and reputable Brazilian brand in high-performance professional salon care cosmetics.

It was created with the goal of developing top-class products. The best formulations presented in the global market for keratin straightening are the result of years of experience in inventing special active formulas and techniques using advanced technologies. The brand's range includes professional products for smoothing and restoring hair.

The key focus areas include progressive compositions for intracellular nourishment using the latest technologies of our generation. The composition's goal is complete hair fiber restoration and absolute smoothness.

By choosing the most effective Brazilian products in the world, you get guarantees and confidence in the results you've been searching for - beauty, strength, and shine. The new concept, unique formulas with a Brazilian cultural touch, user skills, and hairdresser's expertise - the reality of dreamy hair.

The brand's most sought-after product has gained trust from beauty professionals worldwide - an innovative keratin straightening and hair restoration procedure with an effective blend of care components for comprehensive health and reconstruction of different hair types - from coarse ethnic curls to curly fluffy locks, porous, very weak, overly dried, and brittle hair.

The unique complex of BRASIL CACAU - a combination of proteins and proteins aimed at deep restoration of damaged cuticles. The effectiveness and duration of the formula's impact are significantly higher than regular keratin. The main goal of long-lasting products is not just to straighten the hair, give it strength and natural shine, but also to maintain this effect for an extended period.

The BRASIL CACAU straightening procedure addresses the issue of thin, lifeless hair. It's an excellent method for strengthening and restoring hair that has lost keratin protein and the only way to achieve the desired hairstyle for months.

Key ingredients are responsible for complete hair structure restoration, impeccable straightening quality, high-level nutrition, thermal protection, quick technique, and high profitability. The enhanced hypoallergenic formula with a high dose of molecular keratin and enveloping properties allows achieving multiple effects of prolonged action. It provides rich nourishment, strengthening, and densification of hair structure, strength and density, laminating effect, beauty, and gloss.

The composition perfectly smoothes waves, seals all mega-nutrients and vitamins inside the shaft, preserving moisture levels. All this without the risk of harming the hair. Restoration of hair shafts restores lost elasticity and flexibility, increases strength, resilience, and elasticity of hair. Mirror-like silkiness and luxurious glossy shine complete the presentable appearance of well-groomed locks. This star product is worthy of the red carpet.