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Terms of Service

General Information

This website is an integral part of Brasil Cacau Keratin Official International Store (hereinafter – “we”, “us”, and “our”). The access to the Brasil Cacau Keratin Official International Store will be granted to you after the acceptance of all policies and other conditions listed on our website.

When you visit our website with a purpose to browse or buy a certain item, you become a recipient of our “Service” and agree to adhere to the terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”), including but to limited to terms and conditions mentioned in this document as well as here....All user of our website, whether they are customers, sellers, copywriters or affiliate partners, are subject to Terms of Service.

We ask you to study these Terms of Service before entering our website. If you agree to comply with our Terms of Service then you can access the website and use all available services; otherwise, please refrain from entering the website and using the services. In case our Terms and Conditions are perceived as an offer, the acceptance would be strictly bound to their current version.

All updates and new features introduced to our store will be brought into compliance with the Terms of Service. You can view the latest version of the Terms of Service on our web page at any convenient time. We can change any details of our Terms and Conditions or introduce updates as we see fit; in order to stay aware of these changes, you should check the web page regularly. If you keep on using our website after the introduction of any updates or alteration, you automatically accept these changes.

Our online shop works on the e-commerce platform which was provided by Shopify.Inc. This company also deals with web hosting.

Section 1 – Online Shop Terms

Upon agreeing to the Terms and Services, you confirm that you have reached the certain legal age determined by the legislation of your country or state or that you have given the permission to your underage dependents to visit this website.

You are not allowed to use our products for any malicious or unethical activities. You also can't use our services in a way that transgresses any laws, including intellectual property laws, in your or any other jurisdiction.   

You are not allowed to spread any viruses, codes or malware through our shop.

If you violate any of these Terms, your account will be terminated at once.

Section 2 – General Conditions

We retain the right to decline the provision of services to any user without explanation.

You should be aware that your personal information, except for the credit card information, could be conveyed unencrypted through a) different networks and b) be altered in order to adapt to various technical requirements of other networks and technical gadgets.

You give your consent not to copy, reproduce, vend or resell anything that concerns our Services (practical information or access details) as well as reveal any contacts through which you have received our Services unless you had obtained a direct written permission by one of our employees.

The titles used in this contract are used only for the sake of your convenience and will not have any bearings on the Terms.

Section 3 – Accuracy, Veracity, and Relevance of Information

We do not bear any responsibility for the accuracy, exactness, and relevance of content that is available on our website. It is provided strictly for general purposes and shouldn't be considered as the only source of information. Please make sure that you consult with specialists or study other viable sources before making any decisions. We are not responsible for any consequences that may occur due to your reliance on the content of our website.

You may find some historical information on our website which is obviously not exactly up-to-date and it provided strictly for informational purposes. We retain the right to change any information on our website at our own discretion and we are not obliged to update it on the regular basis. It is up to you to keep track of the changes on our website.

Section 4 – Change of services and prices

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products at our own discretion.

We retain the right to change the Services we provide as well as stop providing them whenever we deem it necessary.

We can't be held responsible to any customer or third-party for any alterations, changes of prices or cessation or termination of the provision of services.

Section 5 – Products or Services (if necessary)

There is a group of services or products that can be purchased only at our online store. Such services or products could be provided in limited amounts and can be returned or exchanged strictly in compliance with our Return Policy.

We did our best to make sure that the color and the overall appearance of the products from our online store are depicted correctly. However, you should take into account the fact that the color accuracy largely depends on the quality and resolution of your display.    

We retain the right to restrict sales or provision of our services to any customer, country or jurisdiction. Such restrictions can be applied after we properly review each case. We retain the right to cut down on a number of products and services. We can also change any description of any product whenever we deem it necessary as well as remove it from our store. Products will not be sold and services will not be provided to customers from the restricted regions.

We can't guarantee that the quality of services, products or content which you receive from us will be consistent with your expectations, not that any misunderstandings which may arise during the provision of Services will be successfully resolved.

Section 6 – Correctness of billing and account information

We retain the right or cancel any order that you may place at our online store. We also have the right to restrict or annul any order of any quantity. These rules may apply to any order made from the same customer account, paid by one credit card or registered for delivery to the same address. In case if alter or cancel your order, we will try to reach out to you via email or phone number which was indicated in your personal account. If we suspect that the order was made by a dealer, distributor or any other individual who wants to resell our product without our consent, we can restrict or even terminate that particular order.

You have to provide adequate and precise information when registering the customer account or placing an order at our online shop. It is your responsibility to update the information, such as email address, credit card details or delivery address, on a regular basis to make sure all transactions and deliveries will be made in time.

If you want to know more, please proceed to read our Return Policy.

Section 7 – Non-mandatory tools

You may be granted access to certain third-party tools but we don't exercise control over any of these instruments. 

We don't endorse, advertise or exert any influence on these tools. By accepting our Terms of Service, you also agree to use the current versions of these tools given that they are available. We are not responsible for any issues or misunderstandings which may occur due to the inappropriate use of the tools.  

Please remember that you agree to use the optional tool at your own discretion, therefore make sure that you know how these tools work and that you fully agree with the terms of their use.

It is possible that certain new services, products or tools will be added to our website in the future in order to broaden the scope of our business. Please note that these services, tools, etc., will conform to the Terms of Service.

Section 8 – Links to third-party websites

Our Service may have some information, services or products which contain links to the third-party websites.

If you follow one of these links, you will be redirected to the third-party website which may not be associated with us. We don't have any control or means of monitoring the content of these websites and we can't be held responsible for the quality of products, services or information available there, nor we exert any influence over policies, products, and services offered by third-parties or their affiliate partners.

If you decide to use or purchase certain tools, products or services offered on the third-party websites, you will do it at your own discretion and we will not be responsible for any issues or misunderstandings that may arise in the course of your interaction with the third party. In order to avoid that, we suggest that you read their policies and terms of service as well as look for any feedback regarding their activities. Assure yourself of their reliability before providing them with your personal and credit card details. If you need to make inquiries or file complaints regarding the quality of products or services provided by third-parties, please contact their customer support directly.   

Section 9 – Commentaries, feedback, and proposals submitted by users

You can send any ideas that, in your opinion, can benefit our company, such as business proposals, unconventional ideas, suggestions regarding promotion, etc. Such submissions can be made on our request (for example, contest application) or on your own initiative. They can be sent via email, postal service or any other means of communication. Such submission implies that you give us your direct permission to unrestrictedly copy, edit, re-write, publish or distribute these materials at our own discretion, in other words, you transfer all copyrights for these materials to us. We will not be obliged 1) to treat these submissions as confidential information; 2) reimburse you for any submitted materials; 3) reply to any inquiries or comments.

We are not obliged to read, edit or respond to any of the submissions but we may exercise our right to permanently remove the content that we consider inappropriate, pornographic, illicit, disparaging or abusive. We can also delete the content that proves users disregard to copyrights or our Terms of Service.

By submitting any material, you accept the condition that your feedback won't breach any laws or copyright, trademark, intellectual or any other personal or ownership rights. You also accept that your materials do not contain any illegal, unethical, abusive or other inappropriate details as well as viruses, malware or other programs or codes that may damage or corrupt our website and hinder from providing our services. It is also forbidden to use the disposable e-mail address, impersonate other person or deceive us or any third party about the nature of your submissions. You bear the responsibility for the uniqueness and reliability of your comments. We decline any responsibility for the content of the material submitted by you or the third parties.

Section 10 – Personal information

Before submitting any personal information in the form of commentaries or feedback, please make sure that you got yourself acquainted with our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for any consequences with may occur due to the violation of this Policy.

Section 11 – Mistakes, inaccuracies, and negligence

You may find some typos, grammar mistakes, and inaccuracies in certain informational content on our website, such as pricing, promotional offers, product descriptions, delivery charges, etc., or in the description of our Services. We retain the right to correct any mistakes, inaccuracies or certain examples of negligence, re-write of change information or even terminate certain orders at our own discretion if any information on our website, policies or order forms is deemed as erroneous or misleading. We can even cancel the existing order if we consider it as a necessary measure.

We are not obliged to change, update or specify any information in the Service or other associated websites, including descriptions and pricing unless it is required by law. Even if a certain part of our website or policies was updated, it doesn't mean that the entire content of the website or the Services will also be changed or updated in any way.

Section 12 – Restricted uses

Apart from restrictions which were indicated in the Terms of Service, you are also not allowed to use our website or any of its content a) for any malicious purposes; b) to persuade others to commit crimes or any other misconduct; c) to breach any international, federal, state or local legislation, laws or directives; d) to neglect or contravene anyone's intellectual property rights; e) to discriminate or abuse someone on the grounds of his or her race, gender, religion, nationality, political or personal views; f) provide misleading or false information; g) contaminate our or third-party's website with computer viruses, malware or other malicious programs; h) gather personal information of other clients without our permission or with the purpose of staking, harassing or blackmailing them; i) spread spam messages or lure people into visiting phishing websites or other malicious Internet pages; j) display the unethical or immoral behavior towards any user or our employee; k) make an effort to breach, inhibit or hinder the security of our or any other associated website. We retain the right to permanently block your account or otherwise restrict you from entering our or other associated websites.

Section 13 – Disclaimer of warranty, restriction of responsibility

We cannot promise that we will be able to provide seamless, correct and safe services at any given time.

We also cannot guarantee that the results and the quality of provided services will always live up to your expectations.

You should be aware that we retain the right to cancel the service for a certain period of time or even permanently, and we can do it at our own discretion without being obliged to notify you.

You also confirm that you understand that you are fully responsible for the manner in which you use our service. You should be aware that all our products and services will be delivered or provided without any guarantees with regard to quality, completeness or applicability (with the exception for certain products or services). These products do not contain any direct or indirect guarantees or conditions, such as guarantees or conditions that it would be fit for commercial or any other purposes.

Employees or partners of Brasil Cacau Keratin Official International Store won't bear responsibility for any physical injuries, complaints, losses of any kind, including financial, or damages which may occur due to the use of our products or services or as the result of errors or discrepancies in the content of our website. Due to the fact that certain states or jurisdictions forbid the exclusion or restriction of liability for consequential or collateral damages, we include the lowest possible liability warranted by law for the clients from these particular regions.

Section 14 – Compensation

You give your full consent to compensate and protect Brasil Cacau Keratin Official International Store as well as its partners and affiliates from demands or claims which include expenses on legal help made by the third-party because of your violation of our Terms of Service or other policies adopted by a third-party.

Section 15 – Partial invalidity

If any part of our Terms of Service is deemed as unwarrantable, invalid or unrealizable, such part is still going to be realized to the extent allowed by the current legislation, while the unrealizable will be considered as partially invalid. However, such invalidity will not extend to other parts of these Terms of Services.

Section 16 – Cancellation

The duties and responsibilities of the parties which were accepted before the cancellation date will remain intact even after the actual cancellation of the contract.

Our Terms of Service are valid unless or until canceled by you or us. You can cancel the Terms of Service whenever you want. In order to do that you have to inform us about this via any available means of communication.

If we prove or rightfully suspect that you have breached any part of the Terms of Service, we retain the right to cancel this contract immediately but you will remain accountable for all amounts owed prior and at the date of cancellation. We can also restrict your access to our Services or our website.

Section 17 – Full contract

Even if we fail to use or enforce any right or part of these Terms of Service, it doesn't mean that we have deviated from these rights.

The Terms of Service, as well as other policies or regulations which we have introduced on our website, represents the comprehensive and fully-functional contract between our company and you. It also fully determines how you will utilize our Service. It also has more legal power than any previous or current contracts or mutual communication conducted in any form (including, but not restricted to any previous formulations of the Terms of Service).

The drafting party cannot be held responsible for any obscurities or uncertainties in the elucidation of these Terms of Service.     

Section 18 – Governing law

The current Terms of Service as well as other standalone contracts, which serve as the legal basis for the Service provision, shall be governed and interpreted in concordance with the laws of PO BOX 507 Shelley Idaho US 83274.

Section 19 – Alterations to the terms of service

You can read the newest version of the Terms of Service whenever you like on this page.

We retain the right to introduce updates, alterations or edit any section of these Terms of Services at any time. You should stay aware of these changes by checking the web page on the regular basis. If you continue to use our website or our Services even after we have introduced updates, you automatically provide your full consent with these alterations.

Section 20 – Contact information

For more information regarding any of the mentioned issues please contact sales@brkeratin.biz